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Iluminated Glowing

Light Up Strolling Luminous Mobile Living Tables - something new for your events !

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Iluminated Glowing Human Living Tables

These stunning tables create an impact of excitement, and not only that, they are the only ones available in the UK so you know you will have something unique to your event.

Circular in shape, these tables look like glass and are dramatically illuminated with a powerful neon glow.

Choosing from white, red, green, blue, orange (8 different colours available) or colour changing, allows you to match your theme perfectly.

Each table hostess is luxuriously dressed in a light reflecting white ensemble with Victorian flair.

Her feathered, beaded headdress, epaulets, silk bloomers and over the knee spats are all designed to reflect and highlight the colourful glow of your choice.

Perfect to meet, greet and mingle with your guests adding an electric ambience to the serving of light hors d'oeuvres.

An absolute must for creating an exciting and exclusive ambience at any event.

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