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Mike Herbert

Silhouette portraits cut freehand with scissors in just 90 seconds

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Mike Herbert Silhouettist

There is a sense of magical wonder in cutting an accurate profile likeness from paper, and one glance at the way Mike uses his scissors will tell how he earned the name "The Magician"!

Mike is in fact a talented magician, but dissatisfied with "conjuring tricks", he is keen to pursue a feeling of true magic and mystery in his performance as a silhouette artist. He began teaching himself to cut silhouettes after studying the work of the famous magician-silhouettist Dai Vernon.

From his background in architecture, Mike has gained a unique sense of proportion and linear style. Professing a fascination with line, he visualises a silhouette as being like a peice of string moved in around a shadow.

Mike was booked for the Queen's 80th birthday party in 2006. He's an extraordinary artist, and his quiet, professional approach will work wonders at any event.

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