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Shadow Creatures

Alien stilt walking creatures for mix and mingle

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Shadow Creatures Stilt Walkers

These two intriguing creatures are like nothing you’ve seen on this earth!

Whether striding in with regal panache, or bouncing in close for a sniff, one thing is certain, when they arrive on the scene, the reaction is always great!

Who are these creatures like no other?

Their origin remains mysterious but they seem to be very keen entertainers.

These out of this world aliens sport a skin covered in light reflecting hologram creating stunning rainbow effects in daylight or disco.

The male with his giant holographic hammerhead resembles a cuddly Praying Mantis, or Praying Manted – a kind of insect named for its 'prayer-like' stance.

But is the female of the species more deadly than the male?
His mate is a mischievous character sporting pink holographic skin and her own playful sense of fun.

Don't worry they don't bite, but watch out for their jumping skills, they will surprise you!

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